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Peer-to-peer education network built on Ethereum

About BlockEDU

BlockEDU is an idea that quality education does not belong to only those that can afford it. We have built a protocol on distributed systems that enforces this consensus. This is a globally scaled system with the ambition of replacing all online education companies and private for profit universities. We respect and admire all those who are willing to dedicate time to preserving and disseminating information in alternative ways that cater to each individual student. We are eliminating the auxiliary costs that have burdened students for too long.

The blockEDU Token


  • No unncessary institutional fees
  • Non-profit business model
  • Uncensorable course material
  • Knowledge as a social construct


  • Private and public verifiable records
  • Build degree paths locked by contracts
  • Distributed reputation for course professionals
  • Reputation that matters to your community


  • Customizable curriculums
  • Small course size options
  • Courses suited to learning types
  • Relevant feedback for educators

International & Local

  • Global courses
  • No language or translation barriers
  • Establish local learning locations
  • Collaborative learning possible


  • Built with web 3.0 technologies
  • Accessible on the edge of the network
  • Uncensorable course content
  • Blockchain based reward protocol

Content Addressed Course Material

  • Permanent links to course material
  • Pointers stored in immutable ledgers

Ethereum State

  • No third party services providers
  • Immutable decentralized authority
  • Open protocol for anyone to bootstrap

Safe & Secure Practices

  • Course material backups and redundancy
  • Fully encrypted records
  • Provably retrievable information

blockEDU Roadmap

Project goals and timelines.

  • Whitepaper Released
    AUGUST 2017
  • Token Launch Start
    SEPTEMBER 2017
  • Token Launch Closed
    OCTOBER 2017
  • Public Beta Launch
    JANUARY 2017
  • Full Platform Launch
    SPRING 2017

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